Crash consistent VM restore points in Azure

Hello Guys,

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to protect your Azure workloads from data loss or disaster, you might be interested in the new feature that is now available in public preview: crash consistent VM restore points.

A crash consistent VM restore point is an agentless solution that stores the VM configuration and point-in-time write-order consistent snapshots for all managed disks attached to a Virtual Machine. This is same as the status of data in the VM after a power outage or a crash.

Using crash consistent restore points, you can plan and protect your Azure VMs backup and/or disaster recovery requirements. You can also leverage this feature to develop business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for your customers or partners.

The feature is currently supported in West Europe and EastUS2 regions, and will be rolled out in all regions in the coming weeks. To try out the feature, you can request access here:

For more information on how to use crash consistent VM restore points, you can check out the documentation:

You can also read this blog post that explains the benefits and scenarios of using this feature:

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