Using Azure Migrate – Part 2: Assessment

Folks, Continuing the deployment of Azure Migrate in Part 1, we will now see how to perform assessment of our virtual machines for free (Remembering that we use Microsoft’s tool for assessment, it only works on virtual machines (VMware/Hyper-v), physical servers are still not possible unless an ISV is used, such as Cloudamize). A very important step to verify the cloud resources that will really be necessary for the migration of our on-premise environment to Azure, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses:

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Using Azure Migrate – Part 1: Deployment and Configuration


On July 11th, 2019, Microsoft announced the new Azure Migrate. This tool already existed but was quite limited. Now it has some interesting options, including:Logo_AzureMigration

  • Unified platform for migration
  • Database assessment and migration
  • Webapp migration
  • Assessment tools for right sizing/costs from both Microsoft and other partners
  • No need to install an agent on the client’s servers

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