Azure Backup support for SQL Server in virtual machines (VMs)

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Now Azure Backup for SQL Server installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) has been released for all Microsoft Azure regions through Azure Backup. Azure Backup for SQL Server in virtual machines is a simplified and modern way to back up databases in a cloud solution. It is a platform as a service, that is, without the need to deal with infrastructure and with high scalability. Through this tool, we can back up a standalone instance as well as an AllwaysOn database, with centralized management and monitoring.

Backup SQL Server
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New Event: ROADSHOW 2018


Hello everyone, next week there will be an Unmissable Event called ROADSHOW, which will address the theme of digital transformation and how we can face this transition with security, mobility and agility, taking advantage of the best cloud services. There will be 5 days running throughout RS, choose the best city and register.

I will be speaking voluntarily with Rodrigo MVP in DATA Platform, demonstrating Microsoft Azure and ways to migrate your applications to it.

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