Configure multi-site resilient ExpressRoute circuits with Azure

Hello guys,

In the event of an outage at one of your locations, if you wish to maintain your private connection to Microsoft, Azure’s newly announced feature, the ExpressRoute guided portal experience, might be of interest to you.

This feature, which is currently in public preview, makes it easier for you to configure multi-site resilient ExpressRoute circuits and connect them to a virtual network gateway. It also provides information such as distance between the peering-locations (sites) and traffic engineering recommendations to help you make informed configuration decisions.

To use this feature, you need to have an ExpressRoute circuit that supports multi-site resiliency. You can either create a new one or augment an existing one. Then, you can follow the steps in the Azure portal to connect your circuit to a VNet gateway and enable multi-site resiliency.

The ExpressRoute guided portal experience is available globally only in the Azure public cloud. You can access it by using the Azure portal flight link. You can also learn more about this feature by reading the Azure updates or the documentation.

Multi-site resiliency is a great way to improve the availability and performance of your ExpressRoute connection. With the ExpressRoute guided portal experience, you can easily configure it and enjoy the benefits of a highly resilient ExpressRoute solution.

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