Introducing Azure Business Continuity Center: A Public Preview for Enhancing Your Business Resilience

Hello guys,

Business continuity is a vital aspect of any organization’s digital strategy, especially in the face of potential disruptions such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or human errors. To help you achieve your business continuity goals, we are excited to announce the Public Preview of Azure Business Continuity (ABC) Center, a new initiative that enables you to govern, monitor, operate, and analyze protection at scale across all regions.

With ABC Center, you can:

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the protection estate across solutions such as Backup and Azure Site Recovery for both your Azure and Hybrid (VMware) resources.
  • Easily identify resources that are not currently protected and take proactive measures to secure them.
  • Ensure the protection of resources and execute actions from a single, centralized location.
  • Optimize security configurations to safeguard your resources against scenarios like ransomware threats, malicious attacks, and rogue admin activities.
  • Attain quick visibility into failures in meeting business continuity SLAs through unified monitoring.
  • Leverage inbuilt Azure Policies to govern resources for business continuity and ensure compliance.

ABC Center integrates seamlessly with Azure Policy, Azure Backup Management, and Azure Site Recovery, providing you with a holistic view of your business continuity status and actions. You can access ABC Center from the Azure portal or use the REST APIs to automate your workflows.

To learn more about ABC Center and how it can help you enhance your business resilience, check out the following resources:

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