SQL Saturday – Caxias do Sul, total success!!!


+1 lecture delivered… With the support of TEEVO and other sponsors, I was present with the great Tiago Crespi at SQL Saturday CXA 2019, where we delivered the lecture: “Configuring infrastructure for a SQL Server FCI in Azure” to the local technical community. Thanks to everyone for attending and especially to Rodrigo Crespi and other organizers for the invitation!

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Azure Bastion – Managing your Linux and Windows VMs through the Browser

Buenas Pessoal!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today to manage our VMs (Windows/Linux) in Microsoft Azure, we can connect through a VPN or through direct connection to the External IP, using RDP and SSH protocols. Many leave their VMs exposed to the internet, in order to facilitate remote access, but this practice is not recommended, bringing great security risks. Thinking about it, Microsoft made Azure Bastion available, where we can manage our VMs through a Browser using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). And the coolest thing? No public IP is required for this encrypted access.

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