Introducing Microsoft Entra ID: The New Name for Azure Active Directory

Hello Guys,

Microsoft has announced that Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), the cloud-based identity and access management service, is changing its name to Microsoft Entra ID. This change reflects the evolution and unification of the Microsoft Entra product family, which includes Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Entra Access, and Microsoft Entra Connect.

Microsoft Entra ID is more than just a new name for Azure AD. It is a comprehensive solution that enables secure access to any application, device, or network from anywhere. Microsoft Entra ID offers features such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, conditional access, identity governance, identity protection, and more.

The name change will roll out across all Microsoft products and experiences throughout the second half of 2023. Customers who have access to Azure AD will continue to have access without any planned disruptions. No action is required from you.

The name change does not affect the capabilities, licensing, or pricing of Azure AD. All configurations and integrations will continue to work as they do today. The Azure AD URLs, APIs, authentication libraries, and developer experiences are staying the same.

Microsoft Entra ID is designed to simplify secure access experiences for everyone. Whether you are an IT administrator, a developer, or an end user, you can benefit from the power and flexibility of Microsoft Entra ID.

To learn more about the name change and the latest Microsoft Entra announcements, please visit the following resources:

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