Manually installing WALinuxAgent on Linux servers that are replicated via ASR to Azure

Hello guys.
Here’s a very useful tutorial that often requires manual installation of the Azure agent on virtual machines that will be replicated by ASR (Azure Site Recovery). I’ll show you below a step-by-step guide, performing the installation on a Linux server with CentOS 7.5 distribution.

  • Step 1:

Install Phyton to have all the necessary libraries present in the operating system:


  • Step 2:

Download the WALinuxAgent agent through the url:

  • Step 3:

Unzip the “” file:

  • Step 4:

Enter the WALinuxAgent-master folder and perform the installation in elevated mode, through SUDO:
WAlinuxAgent_4That’s it guys, super simple and very useful.

Link to GitHUB repository:

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