Hyper-V virtualized in a VM (Nested Virtualization) in Azure

Nested VirtualizationHey guys, how are you?!! Did you know that it is possible to have a virtualized hyper-v inside a Virtual Machine in Azure (Nested Virtualization)? Or even use this same hyper-v to run your Docker containers? This idea is interesting (usually for testing purposes), when you want a server environment as if it were in the on-premisses environment, where there is a need to have host Hyper-V management.
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New Event: ROADSHOW 2018


Hello everyone, next week there will be an Unmissable Event called ROADSHOW, which will address the theme of digital transformation and how we can face this transition with security, mobility and agility, taking advantage of the best cloud services. There will be 5 days running throughout RS, choose the best city and register.

I will be speaking voluntarily with Rodrigo MVP in DATA Platform, demonstrating Microsoft Azure and ways to migrate your applications to it.

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Public Preview – Ultra SSD Disk in Azure

Guys, Microsoft doesn’t stop, they just launched the Ultra SSD, supporting up to 160k IOPs!!! Wow!! They will range from 4GB to 64TB for data storage, with less than 1ms read/write latency. These disks were developed for work environments such as SAP, SQL, ORACLE, etc… that demand large amounts of IOPs and large amounts of transactions. Managed Ultra SSD Disk:

Ultra SSD

Official link with more details:: https://azure.microsoft.com/pt-pt/blog/announcing-ultra-ssd-the-next-generation-of-azure-disks-technology-preview/

Confirmed presence at Azure Conference – One of the largest Azure events in Latin America!! Let’s go!!



Microsoft is surprising with new disk sizes in Azure… Up to 32TB with 20k IOPs in a single disk!!!


Hey guys, Microsoft is surprising us with great news for storage in Microsoft Azure. Now we can count on “Large Disks” or in Portuguese: “Discos Grandes”. We will have the possibility of having up to 32TB for storage in a single data disk, with an incredible 20k IOPS, that’s right, 20k IOPs. Quite a lot, isn’t it?

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