What is Cloud Cache and how to use it with Azure Virtual Desktop?

Hi Guys, in this blog post I’m going to explain what Cloud Cache is and how to use it with Azure Virtual Desktop.
Cloud Cache is a feature that allows you to store your user profile data in multiple locations, such as Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, or local storage.

This way, you can improve the performance and availability of your virtual desktops, especially if you have users in different regions or networks. To use Cloud Cache with Azure Virtual Desktop, you need to install and configure FSLogix Profile Container on your host pool and enable Cloud Cache in the registry settings. You also need to create and configure your storage accounts and containers where you want to store your profile data. You can find more details and steps on how to do this in the official documentation here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/cloud-cache.

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