Script to automate VM resizing in MS Azure and save a lot of money.


Based on what people have been asking me for, I have been developing some simple but very useful scripts for Microsoft Azure, such as the example script below, where we can use it to automate the resizing of our VMs. Why is this important? Let’s think about our legacy application that doesn’t support autoscale and that is hosted on an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) VM…at the beginning of the month it is barely used and at the end of the month it has a high consumption. With this script you can automate this resizing, leaving the VM with less capacity at the beginning of the month and at the end with a higher capacity, for example. In the cloud we pay for what we consume, in this format we can save a lot of money and in a very simple way.



Just change the parameters in “User Definition” according to your needs and run it.

Link to Download::

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