Microsoft is surprising with new disk sizes in Azure… Up to 32TB with 20k IOPs in a single disk!!!


Hey guys, Microsoft is surprising us with great news for storage in Microsoft Azure. Now we can count on “Large Disks” or in Portuguese: “Discos Grandes”. We will have the possibility of having up to 32TB for storage in a single data disk, with an incredible 20k IOPS, that’s right, 20k IOPs. Quite a lot, isn’t it?

Premium SSD:
Premium SSDs are ideal for databases such as SQL Server, MongoDB, etc… that require high performance and low latency.
Premium SSD
Standard SSD:
Standard SSDs are ideal for WEB servers, applications that require low latency, consistent performance and low levels of IOPs.
Standard SSD
Standard HDD:
Standard HDDs are based on magnetic disks and offer better cost-benefit for development and testing environments.
Standard HDD

Remember that it is always important to validate whether the provisioned Virtual Machine will support the planned amount of IOPs. As you can see in the example below, the “DS11_v2” and DS12_V2 sizes do not support 20k IOPs. Therefore, if a single disk is provisioned with this amount of IOPs or disks are aggregated in a storage pool with this same amount of IOPs, they will be limited to the amount supported by the Virtual Machine.

Example of VM Sizes vs Throughput:
VMs Sizes Example

Official link with more details:

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