Azure DevOps Community Launch Event

Hey guys!!!

Yesterday (31/01/2019) I participated in the organization and was one of the speakers at the Azure DevOps Community Launch event, an event focused on Azure DevOps. My presentation was about this new concept that is increasingly gaining space in the IT area, Infrastructure as Code, using Azure DevOps.

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Changes in Linux support for ASR

Hello everyone!!
We had some changes in the support for Linux distributions in Azure Site Recovery, as follows:

  • O ASR passa a suportar RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) e Cent)S 7.5, 6.10, e 7.6.
  • ASR now supports RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Cent)S 7.5, 6.10, and 7.6. Added support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (up to SP3) until July 2018.
  • ASR now supports CentOS 6.10 from August/2018 onwards
  • Added support for the latest versions of Oracle Enterprise Linux, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0 up to 5.5.
  • For Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and Debian versions, frequent updates are made to ensure support for the latest kernels.
    Original MS Article Link:

Manually installing WALinuxAgent on Linux servers that are replicated via ASR to Azure

Hello guys.
Here’s a very useful tutorial that often requires manual installation of the Azure agent on virtual machines that will be replicated by ASR (Azure Site Recovery). I’ll show you below a step-by-step guide, performing the installation on a Linux server with CentOS 7.5 distribution.
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Presence at Ignite Tour São Paulo 2018

Ignite 2018
Hellooo guys!!! On December 11th and 12th, the Biggest technology event in Latin America, Ignite, promoted by Microsoft itself, took place. There were more than 100 high-quality sessions and workshops. It was great to be able to participate with my colleagues from the AzureRS group and bring this knowledge home.


Hey guys… +1 lecture delivered… Last Thursday (08/11/18), I was present at the University of Vale do Taquari (Univates), voluntarily lecturing and disseminating knowledge about Microsoft Azure, for the group of IT managers/coordinators of Vale, which includes companies from the region of Vale do Rio Taquari and Pardo in Rio Grande do Sul. A big thank you to everyone who was present.

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First Meetup of AZURE RS!!!

Meetup 2018_1
Hey guys, I had the great pleasure of being one of the organizers and speakers of the Meetup “AZURE RS”, an informal meeting with people from different places to talk and discuss about Microsoft Azure. The experience was very cool, and the people interacted a lot, bringing up various discussions. This free event took place at the ARENA space of Feevale University, and was provided by them to share knowledge with the local technical community, thank you very much! and thanks to all participants, I’ll wait for you at the next one!!! Hugs and Azure ROCKS!!!
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High Availability for your Applications with Traffic Manager in Azure


Hello guys, Today I’m bringing you Traffic Manager, a great solution that enables traffic routing based on DNS, whether for failover, performance, geographic access or weighted round robin.

  • Priority: Prioritize an endpoint and the others are in standby according to the configured priority.
  • Weighted: When there is a need to distribute traffic among a set of endpoints, either uniformly or according to defined weights.
  • Performance: When you have endpoints in different regions and end users distributed in those regions, prioritizing each one’s connection according to the “closest” endpoint.
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Hyper-V virtualized in a VM (Nested Virtualization) in Azure

Nested VirtualizationHey guys, how are you?!! Did you know that it is possible to have a virtualized hyper-v inside a Virtual Machine in Azure (Nested Virtualization)? Or even use this same hyper-v to run your Docker containers? This idea is interesting (usually for testing purposes), when you want a server environment as if it were in the on-premisses environment, where there is a need to have host Hyper-V management.
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